Complete List of Division 1 Golf Schools with Men’s Golf Teams

Want to compete at the highest level possible? Look no further than NCAA Division 1 golf schools. These athletes have several years of tournament experience—with top finishes—and consistently score in the low 70s at difficult courses. Division 1 college coaches are extremely selective and make offers to nationally ranked junior golfers early in the process. At this level, being a college-athlete is considered a full-time job. Players are expected to follow a rigorous training and practice schedule, while squeezing in time for class and study hours. 

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How many Division 1 golf schools are there?

There are 292 Division 1 colleges that offer men’s golf, most being large public universities. Even though the average team size is 10 golfers, only the top five athletes travel to tournaments and the best four compete. So you have to think about recruiting in two ways—first, you need to secure a roster spot, and then you also have to make the travel team. Men’s golf is an equivalency sport, meaning coaches can award a maximum number of scholarships per year (they have 4.5 total). They typically divide their funds into partial scholarships across the top five to seven golfers on their team.

Men’s Division 1 golf rankings 

Athletics are just one aspect of what makes up a college experience. Cost, school size, academics—these are important things to consider, as well. That’s why we analyzed data across thousands of schools to produce a comprehensive list of the top colleges. These Power Rankings also take into consider student-athlete “Favorites” in our network of desired schools. Here are the top 10 Division 1 golf colleges:

  1. Stanford University
  2. University of North Carolina
  3. UCLA
  4. University of Florida
  5. University of Virginia
  6. University of California
  7. Duke University
  8. University of Michigan
  9. Harvard University
  10. Georgia Tech

See the full list of top Division 1 golf colleges.

The NCAA also compiles a list of Division 1 men’s golf rankings to determine the best golf programs. Their results are purely based on athletic performance.